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Building Automation Systems A To Z: How To Survive In A World Full Of Bas


Building Automation Systems A to Z. Teaches you everything you need to know to work on or with building automation systems. Written in a conversational style, the author shares his extensive experience with building automation systems. The book covers a broad list of topics and is designed to be your go-to manual for building automation questions. This reference guide consists of 16 chapters jam-packed with knowledge! Chapter 1: HVAC Fundamentals Chapter 2: Intro to BAS Chapter 3: Smart Building Systems Chapter 4: Intro to Information Technology Chapter 5: Electrical Fundamentals Chapter 6: Standards and Organizations Chapter 7: Procurement Chapter 8: The Construction Process Chapter 9: Upgrading the BAS Chapter 10: Managing a BAS Chapter 11: Managing Service Providers Chapter 12: Advanced Maintenance Management Chapter 13: Analytics Chapter 14: The Internet of Things Chapter 15: Systems Integration Chapter 16: Next Steps Not only do you get all of this great knowledge but the book also includes a website where the author regularly adds checklists and other content for the books readers. So if you are ready to take your knowledge of building automation systems to the next level, then purchase Building Automation Systems A to Z.