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Asian Brand Strategy (Revised and Updated): Building and Sustaining Strong Global Brands in Asia 2nd Edition


This second edition of the bestselling Asian Brand Strategy takes a look at how Asian brands continue to gain share-of-voice and share-of-market. Featuring a user-friendly strategic model, new research, and case studies, this book provides a framework for understanding Asian branding strategies and Asian brands.

About the Author

Martin Roll provides global business, strategy and brand marketing consulting empowering global clients to build sustainable, high-performing businesses. He provides world-class advisory, strategic guidance and insights to global clients. Martin Roll seeks to empower clients to succeed through better business performance and to become enduring, leading enterprises.Martin Roll brings more than 25 years of management experience as a senior advisor to corporate boards and executive management teams. He travels extensively to speak at top-level conferences every year, and he is a frequent guest lecturer at INSEAD, Nanyang Business School, and CEIBS amongst others. Martin Roll is a business columnist for INSEAD Knowledge and several global media. He holds an MBA from INSEAD.

Transport Economics : Theory, Application and Policy


This examination of transport economics brings alive economic theories for students, elucidating traditional concepts by applying them to a real world context. It examines the microeconomic concepts that underpin this sector and the implications for transport markets with real examples from across the EU.
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