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The Literature Review


This Second Edition of Diana Ridley’s bestselling guide to the literature review outlines practical strategies for reading and note taking, and guides the reader on how to conduct a systematic search of the available literature, and uses cases and examples throughout to demonstrate best practice in writing and presenting the review. New to this edition are examples drawn from a wide range of disciplines, a new chapter on conducting a systematic review, increased coverage of issues of evaluating quality and conducting reviews using online sources and online literature and enhanced guidance in dealing with copyright and permissions issues.

Public Relations Campaigns


Public Relations Campaigns: An Integrated Approach introduces you to the process of creating public relations campaigns using a hands-on approach that emphasizes the tools you will need when working in the industry. Authors Regina M. Luttrell and Luke W. Capizzo present real examples and current case studies to help you develop practical skills for creating more effective PR campaigns. You are given multiple opportunities to practice and build your skills throughout the book by learning how to incorporate the PESO model—Paid media, Earned media, Social media, and Owned media. The PESO model helps students understand the importance of creating integrated campaigns that coordinate PR efforts with both advertising and marketing. Key Features The book offers a timely focus on the PESO model and its use in integrated campaigns, providing students with an understanding of today’s best practices in PR. Numerous case studies and exercises throughout the book aid in a deeper understanding of how research, perspective, and insights can be leveraged in public relations campaigns. Real-world information including sample PR plans with budgets prepare students for success in their future careers.

Cases in Leadership 4th Edition


The updated Fourth Edition helps business students gain a better understanding of leadership enabling them to be more effective leaders through their careers. Key features: *Real-world cases from around the world illustrate the complex nature of leadership in organizations and aide in the application of concepts to a practical setting *Concept summaries, discussion questions, and readings for each chapter provide students with a solid framework for understanding key leadership theories.


Social Marketing: Changing Behaviors for Good 5th Edition

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Nancy R Lee and Philip Kotler (who coined the term ‘social marketing’ in 1971 with Gerald Zaltman) demonstrate how traditional marketing principles are successfully applied to campaigns to improve health, decrease injuries, protect the environment, build communities and enhance financial well-being. The Fifth Edition contains over 25 new cases highlighting the 10-step planning model, and a new chapter describing major theories, models and frameworks that inform social marketing strategies and inspire social marketers.About the Author

Nancy R. Lee, MBA, is president of Social Marketing Services, Inc., in Seattle, Washington, and an adjunct faculty member at the University of Washington, where she teaches social marketing and marketing in the public sector. With more than 25 years of practical marketing experience in the public and private sectors, Ms. Lee has held numerous corporate marketing positions, including vice president and director of marketing for Washington’s second-largest bank and director of marketing for the region’s Children’s Hospital and Medical Center. She conducts seminars and workshops on social marketing around the world, and has been a strategic adviser for behavior change campaigns in the areas of health, safety, the environment, and financial well-being. She has been a keynote speaker on social marketing at conferences for improved water quality, energy conservation, family planning, nutrition, recycling, teen pregnancy prevention, influencing financial behaviors, and tobacco control. She has coauthored ten books with Philip Kotler. Philip Kotler is the S. C. Johnson and Son Distinguished Professor International Marketing at the Kellogg School of Management, Northwestern University. His most recent book, Confronting Capitalism: Real Solutions for a Troubled Economic System (2015) calls for both strong economic growth and a better sharing of the gains of economic growth. Professor Kotler is the author of over 50 books on markets and marketing. Trained as an economist at the University of Chicago (under Nobel Laureate, Milton Friedman) and at M.I.T. (under Nobel Laureates, Paul Samuelson and Robert Solow), he has applied his economic knowledge to how markets and marketing works was an early developer of modern marketing and the emerging field of behavioural economics. As an expert on how buyers make their buying decisions, he broadened marketing to explain how buyers make their voting decisions on all kinds of issues.

Ongoing Crisis Communication: Planning, Managing, and Responding


W. Timothy Coombs explains how crisis management can prevent or reduce the threats of a crisis, providing guidelines for how best to act and react in an emergency situation. Ongoing Crisis Communication: Planning, Managing, and Responding, Fourth Edition provides an integrated approach to crisis communication that spans various disciplines as well as the entire crisis management process. Drawing on firsthand experience in crisis management, Coombs uses a three-staged approach to crisis management – pre-crisis, crisis, and post-crisis. A truly integrative and comprehensive text, this book explains how crisis management can prevent or reduce the threats of a crisis, providing guidelines for how best to act and react in an emergency situation. It includes new coverage of social media, social networking sites, and terrorist threats and draws upon recent work from management, public relations, organizational psychology, marketing, organizational communication, and computer-mediated communication research. This new edition includes updated examples in every chapter to illustrate recent crises and the effect of crisis communication on the outcomes. New “Crisis Leadership Competencies” boxes in every chapter illustrate the essential skills needed to manage crisis communication effectively in a wide range of situations. Expanded coverage of social media throughout this new edition demonstrates its increasing impact on crisis communication and crisis management.

About the Author

W. Timothy Coombs (PhD, Public Affairs and Issues Management, Purdue University) is a professor in the Nicholson School of Communication at the University of Central Florida. His books include Applied Crisis Communication and Crisis Management: Cases and Exercises, Code Red in the Boardroom,and, with Sherry Holladay, Managing Corporate Social Responsibility, PR Strategy and Application, and The Handbook of Crisis Communication. His crisis communication research was awarded the 2002 Jackson, Jackson & Wagner Behavioral Science Prize from the Public Relations Society of America. Dr. Coombs has published more than 40 research articles, most focusing on crisis communication, as well as more than 30 book chapters on the subject. He has worked with consulting firms in the U.S. and Europe on ways to improve crisis communication efforts for their clients, and has been invited by governments and businesses around the world to present his ideas and insights into crisis communication.