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Essentials of Corporate Law & Governance in Singapore


Your Practical Handbook to Corporate Law & Governance in Singapore 

The first and only source of practical procedures to corporate law, covering up to and including the most recent changes in October 2017.

Authored by Lan Luh Luh, this title will update through 2018 reflecting subsequent changes to company law procedures.

A high standard of corporate governance is essential to continue building Singapore’s reputation as a regional and global hub for businesses. Over the last decade, Singapore companies made much progress in their corporate governance practices. However, businesses now operate in an increasingly complex environment, with disruptive changes challenging traditional business models. It is of paramount importance for Singapore companies to steadily uplift and improve their own corporate governance practices, not only in letter but also in spirit, in order to stay ahead in this business environment. In the local regulatory landscape, the Singapore Code of Corporate Governance has undergone two major revisions in recent years, in 2005 and 2012. The Companies (Amendment) Act of 2014 and 2017 introduced several new provisions, while the SGX listing rule now requires Singapore-listed companies to publish sustainability reports on a comply-or-explain basis.

Media Law in Singapore 4th Edition


Alongside the continued growth of the Singapore media and entertainment industry, the fourth edition of this title not only updates the laws relevant to this industry, it extends into discussions of the practical application of these laws and regulations in the framework of managing media production. It is hoped that this enhances the primary purpose of this book in acting as a concise and practical practical reference guide for media students and practitioners.

This book seeks to achieve the following objectives:
-Provide a practical and accessible legal reference for media students and practitioners.
-Demonstrates how the various areas of law converge and complement each other in the process of media production.
-Provide frameworks for crafting business and risk management strategies in media production.

Significant updates in this edition include:
-Commentary on the case of Attorney-General v Au wai Pang concerning seditious blog publications, and an account of the”Demon-cratic Singapore” incidents regarding seditious publications.
-Commentaries on the local social media defamation case of Golden Season Pte Ltd v Kairos Singapore Holdings Pte Ltd concerning the defence of fair comment; the local case of Lee Hsien Loong v Roy Ngerng Yi Ling concerning defamation by implication; the English case of Rothschild v the English case of Tamiz v Google Inc, as to the liability of operators of Internet search engines for publication of defamatory material.
-Commentary on the new personal data protection regime under the Personal Data Protection Act 2012.
-Commentary on the latest amendments to the Copyright Act in respect of the new requirements for network service providers to fulfill in exempting liability for infringement by use of BitTorrent, and Sawkins v Hyperion Records Ltd on the nature of music copyright.
-New Chapters covering strategies for minimizing liability for defamation, managing risk in the media production life cycle, managing converged media, and using contracts in media production.

Also included are sample media production agreements for reference.