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An Introduction to Young Children with Special Needs


AN INTRODUCTION TO YOUNG CHILDREN WITH SPECIAL NEEDS: BIRTH THROUGH AGE EIGHT, 4E, International Edition offers a thorough introduction to the educational policies, programs, practices, and services specific to infants, toddlers, and preschoolers who demonstrate delays and disabilities. It also offers information about youngsters who exhibit signs of being at-risk for future programs in learning and development. Through a host of proven learning techniques, a website, and additional related resources, readers are guided to a full understanding of important theoretical and philosophical foundations in serving children whose learning is delayed. These include authentic assessments, cultural sensitivity and competence, activity-based interventions, and developmentally and individually appropriate practices. The book emphasizes instructional strategies necessary for creating inclusive learning environments, and offers recommendations throughout for using technology in the learning environment.

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Seeing Young Children

Seeing Young Children is an extensive guide to observing and recording the behavior of children from birth, through age eight. General guidelines for observing children and how to interpret observations, the implementation of findings, and ongoing evaluation are included. Detailed discussions of nine recording techniques or instruments, and the advantages and disadvantages of each are covered. Observation exercises are found throughout to test skills. Specific by age group, each chapter provides readers with observation objectives, instructions as to procedure, and background information on many functional areas. Benefits: * Presents substantive arguments supporting the importance and necessity of observation for effective human functioning * NEW! New and updated bibliographic references * NEW! The sixth edition includes a running glossary to help learn the meaning of various terms * NEW! New photographs enhance the book’s aesthetic appeal as well as more meaningfully illustrate the content * Provides background information on how children grow and develop over time enabling the reader to complete the observation exercises, and to interpret the observational data * Provides a thorough explanation of the factors that potentially influence the observation process and the rules and guidelines that should inform and direct any efforts to observe and record children’s behavior in any type of setting * Provides thorough discussion of nine recording techniques and their respective characteristics, advantages, and disadvantages * Provides detailed observation exercises that cover the period from birth through eight years of age * It also provides information concerning important developmental accomplishments and milestones to guide one’s observing and recording of behavior and behavior change at each level of development covered * NEW! Expands and elaborates considerably the discussion of the various recording techniques * NEW! Comparisons and

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