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“Gina Says”: Adventures in the Blogosphere String War

In the summer of 2006 two books attacking string theory, a prominent theory in physics, appeared: Peter Woit’s “Not Even Wrong” and Lee Smolin’s “The Trouble with Physics.” A fierce public debate, much of it on weblogs, ensued. Gina is very curious about science blogs. Can they be useful for learning about or discussing science? What happens in these blogs and who participates in them? Gina is eager to learn the issues and to form her own opinion about the string theory controversy. She is equipped with some academic background, including in mathematics, and has some familiarity with academic life. Her knowledge of physics is derived mainly from popular accounts. Gina likes to debate and to argue. She is fascinated by questions about rationality and philosophy, and was exposed to various other scientific controversies in the past. This book uses the blog debate on string theory to discuss blogs, science, and mathematics. Meandering over various topics from children’s dyscalculia to Chomskian linguistics, the reader may get some sense of the chaotic and often confusing scientific experience. The book tries to show the immense difficulty involved in getting the factual matters right, and interpreting fragmented and partial information.

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3D Printing and Additive Manufacturing: Principles and Applications (Fifth Edition)

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Additive Manufacturing (AM) technologies are developing impressively and are expected to bring about the next revolution. AM is gradually replacing traditional manufacturing methods in some applications because of its unique properties of customisability and versatility. This book provides a very comprehensive and updated text about different types of AM technologies, their respective advantages, shortcomings and potential applications.3D Printing and Additive Manufacturing: Principles and Applications is a comprehensive textbook that takes readers inside the world of additive manufacturing. This book introduces the different types of AM technologies, categorised by liquid, solid and powder-based AM systems, the common standards, the trends in the field and many more.Easy to understand, this book is a good introduction to anyone who is interested and wishing to obtain a better understanding of AM, but has little knowledge about AM. For people working in the industry, this book will provide them with new methods and practices and the recent research and development in the field. For professional readers, this book provides a comprehensive guide to distinguish between the different technologies and make better decisions regarding which technology they should use. For the general public, this book sheds some light on the fast-moving AM field.In this edition, new AM standards (e.g. Standard of Terminology and Classification of AM systems) and format standards will be included, Furthermore, the listing of new machines and systems, materials, and software; as well as new case studies and applications in industries that have recently adopted AM (such as the Marine and Offshore industry) have also incorporated.


Bridges and Ruptures

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“Breaches and Bridges : German Foreign Policy in Turbulent Times is an agenda-setting lecture of German Foreign Minister Dr. Frank-Walter Steinmeier. It is accompanied by two essays. The first is an insightful introduction by the first mayor of Hamburg, Olaf Scholz, who reflects on the role of the Hanseatic city in world affairs. The second is a brief contextualisation by Professor Amrita Narlikar, president of the German Institute of Global and Area Studies (GIGA). Narlikar identifies the necessity for a more profound understanding of historical trajectories and political traditions among international negotiating partners, and invokes new forms of leadership and cooperation in global governance. In Dr. Steinmeier’s speech, he announces the German candidacy for a non-permanent seat on the UN Security Council and outlines German foreign policy with its cornerstones of peace, justice, innovation and partnership. In a period of global transition and turmoil, the world needs creative and feasible solutions. With its timely analysis, the book provides its readers with just such solutions. It does so by bridging the scholars-practitioners divide. The volume is a valuable reference for the international relations and foreign policy community worldwide. Written in both English and German, the book approaches a broad audience”–Provided by publisher.


Crime and Behaviour: An Introduction to Criminal and Forensic Psychology

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Crime and Behaviour: An Introduction to Criminal and Forensic Psychology is the first textbook to provide a detailed overview of criminal psychology in Singapore. The textbook puts together ideas relating to crime, crime prevention, and criminal psychology, as it occurs in the Singaporean context. While leveraging on psychology as an anchor, the book adopts a multidisciplinary perspective and examines the forensic sciences angle, legal issues, and the investigative perspectives of crimes. The chapters cover criminal justice agencies in Singapore, theories of crime, deception and lying behaviors, sex crimes, violent crimes, crime prevention, terrorism, and psychology applied in legal settings. Each chapter contains case studies of actual cases and ends with questions for discussion and research, making this a valuable text for courses in university and in law enforcement settings. This textbook has several unique features, such as: Local Examples The book covers several local and Asian case studies, so that readers are able to get a sense of how crime takes place in Singaporean as well as in Asian settings, which are rarely covered in other textbooks on criminal psychology. Toolkits The book also contains “toolkits” on practical suggestions, so that police officers and psychologists will have practical tools and checklists that they can use in their field. Reflective ‘Thinking’ Points: There are various thinking and reflection points, which teachers and trainers may use to encourage further discussion.


Critical Issues in Asset Building in Singapore’s Development

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Singapore’s progress as an independent nation and the uplifting of its people’s livelihood have been made possible by stable social and political conditions. A more important factor in driving these positive changes lies with people-centric leadership. One can contrast the case of Singapore with societies led by self-serving leaders whose lack of honesty and integrity brings about immense social and economic hardships to various communities. When people suffer under undesirable circumstances, they often migrate to seek better future for themselves and their families. This book reveals how Singapore’s governance grounded on the principle of asset building facilitates the country’s growth and development. Policies being discussed in this volume include multi-culturalism, accessible housing, social mobility for low-income families, water resource management, and national conscription. Highly relevant for students, policy makers and the general public interested in socio-political and economic development issues, this unique piece of work not only gives readers a documentary account of what has been undertaken to empower and assist citizens in the last 50 years or so, but also prompts them to reflect on Singapore’s future trajectory.

Financial Mathematics for Actuaries


Financial Mathematics for Actuaries is a textbook for students in actuarial science, quantitative finance, financial engineering and quantitative risk management and is designed for a one-semester undergraduate course. Covering the theories of interest rates, with applications to the evaluation of cash flows, the pricing of fixed income securities and the management of bonds, this textbook also contains numerous examples and exercises and extensive coverage of various Excel functions for financial calculation. Discussions are linked to real financial market data, such as historical term structure, and traded financial securities. The topics discussed in this book are essential for actuarial science students. They are also useful for students in financial markets, investments and quantitative finance. Students preparing for examinations in financial mathematics with various professional actuarial bodies will also find this book useful for self-study. In this second edition, the recent additions in the learning objectives of the Society of Actuaries Exam FM have been covered.


Inception Point: The Use of Learning and Development to Reform the Singapore Public Service

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Inception Point: The Use of Learning and Development to Reform the Singapore Public Service¬†fills a gap in current literature on Singapore’s modernisation. While the political leadership of the late Prime Minister Lee Kuan Yew and his People’s Action Party (PAP) government were key to Singapore’s modernisation, the role of policy implementation was one shouldered by the Singapore Public Service, a story thus far neglected in literature.

Inception Point¬†argues that the Singapore Public Service used executive development and training to introduce reforms across the bureaucracy. In so doing, the bureaucracy constantly adjusted itself to help modernise Singapore. In the 40 years between decolonisation in 1959 and 2001, when the training arm of the bureaucracy became a statutory board, training had been used firstly, to socialise the bureaucracy away from its colonial-era organisational culture to prepare it for the tasks of nation-building. Subsequently, civil servants were mobilised into an ‘economic general staff’ through training and development, to lead the Singapore developmental state in the 1970s and the 1980s. The Public Service for the 21st Century (PS21) reforms in the 1990s was the epitome in harnessing development and training for reforms across the bureaucracy.

Readership: Students and professionals interested in the history of the civil service in Singapore, interested in reforms for civil service in general.

Insights on Singapore’s Politics and Governance from Leading Thinkers


This book presents insights on Singapore’s politics and governance from leading thinkers, based on selected commentaries from Singapore Perspectives conference series co-published by Institute of Policy Studies and World Scientific. Contributed by the who’s who of Singapore’s government, business and academia circles, they provide diverse viewpoints over state-society relations, governing principles, electoral politics, foreign policy, among other important issues. Will consensus or contest secure Singapore’s future? Should pragmatism be retained as Singapore’s governing philosophy? What if the nation-state is no longer the key organisational unit of the international community? What if Singapore has to choose between China and the United States? What if Singapore becomes a two- or multi-party system? This volume explores a range of possible answers to these questions and more.


Lee Kuan Yew Through the Eyes of Chinese Scholars

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“A compilation of essays by highly-respected Chinese scholars in which they evaluate the life, work and philosophy of Lee Kuan Yew, founding Prime Minister of Singapore. Presenting a range of views from a uniquely Chinese/Asian perspective, this book provides valuable insights for those who wish to gain a fuller and deeper understanding of Lee Kuan Yew, the man, as well as Singapore, his nation”–


Mathematical Olympiad in China (2011-2014): Problems and Solutions

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The International Mathematical Olympiad (IMO) is a very important competition for high school students. China has taken part in the IMO 31 times since 1985 and has won the top ranking for countries 19 times, with a multitude of gold medals for individual students. The six students China has sent every year were selected from 60 students among approximately 300 students who took part in the annual China Mathematical Competition during the winter months.This book includes the problems and solutions of the most important mathematical competitions from 2010 to 2014 in China, such as China Mathematical Competition, China Mathematical Olympiad, China Girls’ Mathematical Olympiad. These problems are almost exclusively created by the experts who are engaged in mathematical competition teaching and researching. Some of the solutions are from national training team and national team members, their wonderful solutions being the feature of this book. This book is useful to mathematics fans, middle school students engaged in mathematical competition, coaches in mathematics teaching and teachers setting up math elective courses.

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Pursuing the Elixir of Life

Discover appetizing recipes for soups, porridges and teas that give you that healthy glow and nourish your body and soul. Based on a series of popular lectures by the authors, this book opens a new chapter in your pursuit of a long and fulfilling life. It is also excellent preparation for more advanced studies in Chinese medicine.

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